Our Candidate

Meet Justina McCaffrey


Justina McCaffrey is an internationally known and recognized fashion designer and entrepreneur. She is the founder and president of Justina McCaffrey Haute Couture. In her 30-plus years as a business owner, her wedding dresses have sold around the world. A proudly Canadian product that was designed and manufactured here in the national capital region. 

Justina has been involved in Conservative politics since age 17 when Brian Mulroney became leader of one of our legacy parties.

Born in Winnipeg Manitoba in 1965 to proud Ukrainian parents, Justina is now the mother of three grown and accomplished children and one delightful grand daughter.

Justina was a regular contributor to TheHuffingtonPost.com, Ottawa Life Magazine, and Convivium Magazine. She was also featured at TedX Kanata in 2016.

As the next Member of Parliament for Kanata-Carleton, Justina's focus is on supporting fellow entrepreneurs, making life more affordable for Canadian families, and restoring Canada's reputation on the world stage.

Justina McCaffery is the strong voice in Parliament Kanata-Carleton needs in 2019!