About Our Riding

About Our Riding

Kanata-Carleton Conservatives are active within the Kanata-Carleton riding and can be seen at many events including Kanata’s own Canada Day celebrations, the Carp Fair, Remembrance Day celebrations and much more. Frequent events include Wings and Politics evenings, Guest Speaker breakfasts and our summer BBQ. Our riding association prides itself on representing the Conservative voice in our riding and within the party though policy discussion and policy creation.



2017/2018 Board of Directors

The 2017/2018 Board of Directors was elected at the AGM on March 28th, 2017.


President - Ted Hurley
Vice President - Forrest Donaldson
Secretary - Shameer Ravji
Financial Agent - Deborah Heins
Fundraising Director - Marlene Laverty-Labelle
Communications Director - Cherie Elliott
Outreach Director -  Rida Mahmoud


Members at Large

Carl Arsenault
Tim Broschuk
Rick Chase
Charmaine Clayton
JoAnne Cooney
Caroline Day
Nick Drain
Sandra Freedman
Mirrieme Girard
Ryan Gomes
Alan Kerstenbeck
Todd Keuleman
Steve Liakos
Justina McCaffrey
Sylvain Mainville
Bill Molnar
Liam Murta
Anthony Near
Jerremy Roberts
Crystal Smalldon
Phil Sweetnam


*Candidate of Record: Walter Pamic